Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus Review

When it comes to a product that produces results, Pure Planet’s Red Marine Algae Plus is the product to turn to; this is especially true for herpes sufferers. This top-rated dietary supplement uses Gigartina and Dumotiaceae to fight off outbreaks and works to prevent them from happening again.

Red Marine Algae Plus Review

How It Works           

Red Marine Algae Plus uses your body’s natural immune system to fight off your herpes outbreaks. The instructions note that for best results, you should be taking three (3) capsules once or twice daily. The capsules themselves are vegetarian so they are processed in a factory that does not use animal products. I addition, the highest quality ingredients are used to produce this quality product.

Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus Reviews           

Reviews indicate that this product is everything you could want from a herpes treatment. Long term sufferers don’t need to worry about stress causing their outbreaks anymore. It also works at preventing cold sores that seem to develop frequently for some people. The quality of the ingredients and the effectiveness of the product are shown in the high ratings across the boards. There are very few poor ratings for Red Marine Algae Plus which indicates it works with at least fair results for most people. It also not only treats an outbreak but works hard to prevent them and keep you feeling your best at all times. Anxiety sufferers seemed to report the most benefit from the product as it seems to help you handle and ride life’s stressful situations without making them worse.


The way it prevents outbreaks is considered amazing by most users of this product. At the first signs of an outbreak, if Red Marine Algae Plus is used, there are no traces of the impending outbreak after at least 12 hours. The virus was stopped before it even got started and the lucky users got to feel the relief of knowing that it did not start up at all. It is good for viral outbreaks at work such as when everyone gets colds or when your child comes home with the chicken pox and you know it is only a matter of time before you get shingles.


There are several messages about this product containing high levels of iodine which can be problematic for some people with thyroid issues. There are also people who are allergic to certain parts of the products being used to hold the pieces of this medicine together which means you need to read the label fully and research more into the manufacturing process before you purchase. If you are looking to browse some popular treatments, you can also check out Quantum Health Super Lysine+ , one of our top rated treatments.

Buying Red Marine Algae Plus can be the best decision you ever make if you suffer from herpes symptoms. This all natural herpes medication will help you become yourself again and actively work to keep you happy. It is worth the money you will pay to purchase and you won’t regret your decision. Almost all purchasers have reported positive results from using it.

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Virafend Review

When it comes to defending against the herpes virus, ViraFed is a great herpes medication to start with. It is one of the top medicines to buy when fighting against the herpes virus and working to stop future outbreaks. It is hard to stop an outbreak once it starts. ViraFend claims to be one of the best cold sore and herpes defenses on the market.

Virafend Review

Virafend Ingredients

ViraFend has been proven to clinically suppress a viral fusion and helps defend as the herpes virus attacks against healthy cells. It is formulated and packed in an FDA facility and made completely in America made from an all-natural formula. The active ingredient in this medicine is VFI Humic Acid. It helps inhibit the virus that causes a herpes outbreak and supports your body’s normal functioning. It also adds in defending against a more common virus that attacks your immune system such as the cold virus. It is to be taken once or twice a day and you should check with your doctor if you take any other medications. The packing states that it is safe to use with other prescription medicines, but it is always better to have your doctor verify what will or will not work with your prescribed medicines.

Virafend Reviews

The ratings on this prescription are mostly high. Reviews show that it helps before, during and after a breakout. A couple of the reviews indicate it also does its part to help prevent outbreaks from occurring when used with regularity. A lot of the reviews were straight and to the point, “it works.” If that is not an endorsement for this product, what is? If you are able to control your breakouts and help prevent them, then you have taken several large steps forward in getting that better quality of life. ViraFed does what it claims to do and fights off outbreaks and helps prevent new ones. It also is something that does not affect your day by using it. It does not have the side effects that other products have and it is safe to use for most people. If you are pregnant or nursing, talk with your doctor before using. If you are a child under 12, talk to your parents first. This is a medication made for adults and not children.

If you want to try out another herpes medication, try the Herp Rescue Immune Support Formula or Quantum Health Super Lysine+ which also both get great reviews.

Virafend Results               

When it comes to finding a good herpes medicine to treat your symptom, ViraFed is a popular medicine for treatment. It not only treats your herpes outbreaks, but it defends against cold sores and future outbreaks. It is a step forward in the treatment of a reoccurring problem. It will treat your symptoms and will give you the peace of mind to go about your day without worrying about your outbreak affecting your activities.

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Olympian Lab’s Herp-Eeze Review

When it comes to the best herpes medication, Olympian Lab’s Herp-Eeze blend of vegetarian ingredients will leave you clear and feeling your best. It helps give your body the right tools to fight the outbreaks and keep you clean and clear from them.

Olympian Lab’s Herp-Eeze Review

Olympian Lab’s Herp-Eeze Ingredients

The Herp-Eeze formula is one of the few vegetarian products on the market. It is free of any animal products and is certified as gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, and wheat free. Olympian Labs formula is a custom blend of ingredients designed to work with your own body’s natural healing powers. It aids you in using your body’s natural healing powers by giving a boost to your immune system. It does this by the quality and ingredients they use in its production. It contains large doses of Vitamin C and zinc that are active ingredients in fighting off what makes the body ill as well as strengthens it to prevent illnesses from occurring. There is rosmarinic acid, olive leaf extract, acerola extra, clove extract, and bitter melon. The directions state that you are to take 4 capsules per day on an empty stomach. It is also noted that you should visit your doctor while taking this medicine to see if different doses may be needed. It is also not recommended to consume this product if you are pregnant or nursing without first consulting your doctor.

Olympian Lab’s Herp-Eeze Reviews

Reviews of this product are mixed. There are indications that it does a good job treating your outbreaks and preventing them from coming back quickly, but that it does not act fast. This is a medicine that is fully active and at its strongest after 7 to 10 days. There is little indication that it acts any slower than other usual medicines on the market. Allowing for this all-natural medicine to work is a small thing with it being completely manufactured in the United States using only natural and highly cultivated ingredients. This quality medicine means you are enjoying the best of the ingredients going into its creation.

Some other top herpes medications you may want to consider are the HERP RESCUE IMMUNE SUPPORT FORMULA and QUANTUM HEALTH SUPER LYSINE+ .

Olympian Lab’s Herp-Eeze Results

It is suggested that you take it regularly as a dietary supplement and to help prevent future outbreaks or at least control them if they do occur. This medicine will give you the long-lasting results you want and will provide you with the feeling that you are free from the harmful chemicals found in other supplements as this is made from all-natural ingredients. You will not be disappointed if you add this to your medicine cabinet. You will also be protected against future outbreaks and will be left feeling normal for the duration you use this medicine. It’s all natural, all vegetarian capsules can give you the peace of mind you need to go about your daily life without worrying about herpes ruining your days.

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Herp Rescue Immune Support Formula Review

If you’re looking for a widely used herpes medication, then the Herp Rescue Immune Support Formula is a discreet medicine that is effective at treating the virus and it will make you feel normal again and give you that peace of mind you need.Herp Rescue Immune Support Formula Ingredients

Herp Rescue Immune Support Formula Ingredients

This medicine is extremely effective against Herpes. This all natural formula uses the purest ingredients including Lysine, Zinc, Vitamin C, zinc, copper, red marine algae, Echinacea Herb power, bee propolis, prunella vulgari, olive leaf extract and Oregano oil. Together, all these ingredients allow for proper absorption of the meds and each element does its own job. For instance, vitamin C supports a healthy immune system and Red Marine Algae offers nutritional immune support. Oregano Oil helps destroy the RNA and DNA virus that causes such illnesses as cold sores, shingles and genital herpes. The prunella Vulgaris is an extremely rare ingredient and is one of the key ingredients for this unique formula to work. This nutrient is the foundation for the Herp Rescue formula.

Herp Rescue Immune Support Formula Reviews

The reviews for this product as a herpes medicine are very positive for those who use it. The reviews are high for effectiveness of this product in treating the symptoms of the herpes virus including suppressing outbreaks and preventing the re occurrence afterwards. It helps when dealing with stress and it leaves the user feeling less tired from taking a medicine designed for treating herpes. It also is reported as working a lot quicker than other medicines and dealt with outbreaks within 48 hours of their occurrence. This medicine is also safe enough to take on a daily basis for basic herpes maintenance.

Some other formulas that received top reviews from users are QUANTUM HEALTH SUPER LYSINE+ and HERP-B-GONE .

Herp Rescue Immune Support Formula Results

This medicine is meant to treat herpes and has been proven effective at doing just that. It will help when nothing else does and make you feel good while it is being treated.  It is better than bath oils and creams that are common treatments and other medicines that can be taken as treatment. The medicine is rated as a must have for treatment of herpes from the first outbreak to the diagnosis. The company that manufactures the product also updates the potential users that it should be taken regularly for best results. It helps break the constant pattern of cold sores and outbreaks, brings relief and helps you stay symptom free. It also keeps you feeling comfortable and works quickly so you don’t have to wait to feel like you once did.

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HerpaOne Review

When it comes to relief, one of the best herpes medications to look at is definitely the all natural is HerpaOne. This product offers rapid and complete relief for herpes sufferers. It is a fast acting topical cream that uses lysine and zinc to fight off the sores and the itching associated with a herpes outbreak. This all-natural medicine is not only quick, but it works to beat back your latest outbreak and actively works to prevent your next one.

HerpaOne Review

HerpaOne Ingredients

This all-new formula uses lysine, zinc, and a blend of essentials oils combined with the latest scientific research to make a formula that uses only the best homeopathic ingredients. It will bring peace to your herpes symptoms including itchy lesion, skin eruptions, and the burning pain from the cold sores, shingles or other skin problems that develop while you are having an outbreak. The ingredients combined in their own unique formula. You are also given the peace of mind of knowing that harmful chemicals are not being put all over your skin and ultimately into your body. The entire process of making the cream is organic and is safe enough to be used on any part of your body that is seeking relief. It also comes in discreet packaging so that you don’t need to advertise why you are purchasing this medicine and can keep your privacy. It also comes with a removable label so you can keep your privacy in your home or your office as you require it.

HerpaOne Reviews

The reviews for this product are good. Most people found instant relief from their symptoms and quick restoration of their skin to its normal condition. In particular, it is rated highly for its ability to treat cold sores as well as prevent future ones from developing. More than one purchaser expressed extreme pleasure knowing this medicine not only works to heal their cold sores but actively helps prevent them. There are also rave reviews in its ability to prevent shingles. Whenever the chicken pox surfaces at a school, you can bet that more than one kid brings shingles home to their parents. This medicine works well to prevent the spread of illnesses that generally affect small children. What really made this stand out for many purchasers is that it worked well within 3 to 4 days not the usual week to ten days. It also is an extremely cost-effective product that is worth the money you will spend to buy it and use it every day to help treat and prevent future outbreaks.

HerpaOne Results

When choosing medicine to treat your herpes outbreaks, HerpaOne is a great place to start. It is the only one cream you need to treat everything you can possibly develop while you are having a herpes outbreak. It is a cool refreshing cream that leaves you healed quickly and herpes free as long as you use it regularly. This is a quality product that comes highly recommended by most people who have purchased it. It also comes up as something that is good for treating other skin conditions, not just those associated with herpes.

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When it comes to a quick herpes relief product, HERP-B-GONE is one of the best herpes medications that seems to be working for many people. It not only suppresses the symptoms of herpes, but it has been recommended by doctors.


HERP-B-GONE Ingredients

This medicine stands out from the rest not only because it is fast acting, but it helps you catch the symptoms before they start and it is safe to use while being effective based on real science. This medicine is made with pure essential oils such as coconut oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, camphor oil, tea tree oil, lemon balm oil, peppermint oil, hyssop oil, Peru balsam oil, ginger root oil, thyme oil, oregano oil, wormwood oil, chamomile oil, beeswax and butyrate hydroxytoluene. All these oils working together creates a quality product that is safe, non-toxic and can be applied the second you see any signs of breakout and continued until you are free from symptoms.

This product also comes with a money-back guarantee if it does not work to treat your symptoms and help them stop before they start. It comes in its own discreet container that is TSA compliant with a label that is easily removed for privacy.


Reviews have found that this product is perfect for reapplying regularly to prevent anything from happening should it even show starting signs. The balm is called a “lifesaver” by many and though there are comments on the smell of lemons, while not a bad smell, it does appear to be extremely strong. There are also many comments that it works well if it is used in connection with emergency-c to help boost your immune systems along with treating your symptoms. The average time frame listed for blisters to heal was around 4 days though the packaging lists 7 to 10 days. It is recommended you follow the instructions on the box because how medicine works for one person is not how they work for all. There is no cure for herpes at this point in time, but Herp-B-Gone will help you treat what is a common illness among a lot of people. This medicine works to treat your herpes and gives you relief.

You may also want to read our Quantum Health Super Lysine+ review and GeniZyne review before making a decision, as these are both highly rated medications as well.

HERP-B-GONE Treatment

When it comes to getting treatment for your herpes the product to start with is HERP-B-GONE. It is something that actually works. You will not only feel relief, but the symptoms such as the sore will also disappear within days of appearing. Part of dealing with herpes is being patient while it sorts itself out and you figure out how to not only live with it but live your best life. Part of that is being patient and letting Herp-B-Gone do its proper job and that takes at least a week, but you will definitely feel the improvement.

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GeniZyne Review

When you need fast acting relief from your latest herpes outbreak; turn to GeniZyne the clinical strength herpes medicine. GeniZyne will give you the relief you need fast for your sensitive sores and will leave you feeling fresh and pain-free.

GeniZyne Review

What is GeniZyne Good For?

GeniZyne should be used when you have an outbreak. It will not only reduce the duration of the outbreak, but it will reduce the severity of your symptoms including the pain. Itch and irritation associated with an outbreak. If used regularly it will also reduce the occurrence of outbreaks. The properties of GeniZyne include clinical grade materials such as Zinc, lysine, mineral oil, beeswax, petrolatum, zinc oxide, silver oxide, magnesium oxide, and bentonite to create a powerful blend of relief and sore fighting power. The formula is designed for the worst herpes outbreaks, cold sores and any blisters that develop from rubbing. It will take your pain away and provide you with fast relief for a longer duration and help prevent against the next outbreak. It will also reduce the severity of your symptoms noticeably and leave you with healthier feeling skill because this pain-free ointment is designed to soothe your aches not aggravate them. GenZyne is an all American made product in discreet packaging for your own peace of mind.

How should it be used?

The GeniZyne product is to be applied at least twice daily as needed for maximum relief of your sores and blisters.

GeniZyne Reviews

Reviews for the product indicate that this cream does an amazing job soothing your skin and is especially good with cold sores. It not only treated it, but additional ones did not develop like they normally did. This meant that it treated the underlying bacteria that were creating the cold sores preventing additional ones from developing. The unique combination of ingredients makes this product have a cool feeling when applied. It does not leave a chemical after feeling and it does not leave you feeling greasy. It leaves your feeling normal and will ultimately lead you to clear skin and a more normal feeling. It is also reported as perfect for dealing with the unwanted itching that is associated with the sore that develops from herpes. Some people who reviewed the cream said itching cleared up from the instant the cream was applied. This is a product that lives up to what it claims and will provide you with the relief you seek and leaves you feeling clean and clear.


When it comes to quality herpes medicine, GeniZyne is a good place to go to treat your itching, sores and cold sores. It will provide you with quick relief and give you a lasting feeling of cleanliness. If used regularly, it helps prevent outbreaks and heals the sores you do get. This is the next best thing to being free of this lifelong curse. It leaves you feeling normal and gives you more relief than the average non-clinical cream. 

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Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Review

When it comes to herpes treatment, Quantum Health Super Lysine+ is the way to go to getting relief. It has been rated highly for effectiveness and is 100% natural, It also helps speed your healing and helps prevent future outbreaks.

Quantum Health Super Lysine Review

Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Ingredients

Quantum uses only the purest ingredients in is herpes formula including lysine, vitamin C, Zinc, Oregano Oil, Self Heal (Prunella Vulgaris), Red Marine Algae, Bee Propolis, and Olive Leaf Extract. The medicine has been manufactured in GMP and FDA compliant facilities. They are also manufactured in the United States of America using products sourced using only U.S. ingredients at state-of-the-art facilities and packed for safety guidelines.

The high-quality ingredients being used are designed to help manufacture proteins in the body that help with the production of hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. There are also ingredients to help destroy the RNA and DNA virus that cause cold sore, shingles, and genital herpes as well as medicines that help reinforce the immune system and actively fight against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  The compounds used include zinc, copper, L-Lysine, Oregano Oil, Echinacea herb Powder, Bee Propolis, Prunella Vulgaris, Vitamin C, Red Marine Algae, and Olive Leaf Extract.


Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Reviews

The treatment has high reviews on Amazon it is pretty surprising how well the medicine works for treating symptoms quickly. It lists treatment time as 48 hours for results to be fully noticeable, but most people reported results much sooner than the 48-hour turnaround time. It was compared to prescription medicines on the market and it suppressed the symptoms of the outbreak quickly, with no added side effects.

It stopped users from feeling ill or relieved their symptoms of discomfort. It also helped them after the stress caused more outbreaks and discomfort. What makes this even more significant is that this medicine has been rated as working well for things that are not herpes. People with regular cold sores and illnesses have rated it highly for its immune enhancing capabilities.


Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Results           

No matter what reason you take this medicine, you won’t be disappointed by the results. If you are looking for a good herpes medication, this medicine will work to help you feel you’re best and bring you relief.

Using medicine will help you treat your symptoms and find relief in record time; This is one of the top options when looking to treat your herpes symptoms. You will find exactly what you want with this medicine and you will not be disappointed with the results.

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