GeniZyne Review

When you need fast acting relief from your latest herpes outbreak; turn to GeniZyne the clinical strength herpes medicine. GeniZyne will give you the relief you need fast for your sensitive sores and will leave you feeling fresh and pain-free.

GeniZyne Review

What is GeniZyne Good For?

GeniZyne should be used when you have an outbreak. It will not only reduce the duration of the outbreak, but it will reduce the severity of your symptoms including the pain. Itch and irritation associated with an outbreak. If used regularly it will also reduce the occurrence of outbreaks. The properties of GeniZyne include clinical grade materials such as Zinc, lysine, mineral oil, beeswax, petrolatum, zinc oxide, silver oxide, magnesium oxide, and bentonite to create a powerful blend of relief and sore fighting power. The formula is designed for the worst herpes outbreaks, cold sores and any blisters that develop from rubbing. It will take your pain away and provide you with fast relief for a longer duration and help prevent against the next outbreak. It will also reduce the severity of your symptoms noticeably and leave you with healthier feeling skill because this pain-free ointment is designed to soothe your aches not aggravate them. GenZyne is an all American made product in discreet packaging for your own peace of mind.

How should it be used?

The GeniZyne product is to be applied at least twice daily as needed for maximum relief of your sores and blisters.

GeniZyne Reviews

Reviews for the product indicate that this cream does an amazing job soothing your skin and is especially good with cold sores. It not only treated it, but additional ones did not develop like they normally did. This meant that it treated the underlying bacteria that were creating the cold sores preventing additional ones from developing. The unique combination of ingredients makes this product have a cool feeling when applied. It does not leave a chemical after feeling and it does not leave you feeling greasy. It leaves your feeling normal and will ultimately lead you to clear skin and a more normal feeling. It is also reported as perfect for dealing with the unwanted itching that is associated with the sore that develops from herpes. Some people who reviewed the cream said itching cleared up from the instant the cream was applied. This is a product that lives up to what it claims and will provide you with the relief you seek and leaves you feeling clean and clear.


When it comes to quality herpes medicine, GeniZyne is a good place to go to treat your itching, sores and cold sores. It will provide you with quick relief and give you a lasting feeling of cleanliness. If used regularly, it helps prevent outbreaks and heals the sores you do get. This is the next best thing to being free of this lifelong curse. It leaves you feeling normal and gives you more relief than the average non-clinical cream. 

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